Managing IP Patent and Trademark Editorials 2018 published

Managing IP Patent and Trademark Editorial 2018 states, that Boco IP is highly recommended for patent filing and prosecution work, mentioning the technical fields chemistry, IT and engineering. Highlighted experts are Managing Director Karri Leskinen, Chair of the Board Annika Hakkila, European Patent Attorneys Jonna Sahlin, Jaana Hämäläinen, Anu Keinänen and Christian Westerholm. IP Lawyers and Trademark Attorneys mentioned are Peter Åkerlund, Pamela Lönnqvist, Laura Roselius and Elina Heikkilä. Tomi Salter and Simo Zitting are rising stars to watch.

The MIP 2018 review states following on Boco IP:

Patent Editorial 2018, Finland

Boco IP is highly recommended for patent filing and prosecution work. Its team has expertise in a range of technical fields including chemistry, IT and engineering. Chemistry and pharmaceutical specialist Karri Leskinen leads the patent practice. The patent attorneys at the firm are respected among peers and clients. A client commends Annika Hakkila for ensuring that their invention is adequately protected: ”She gets out things from inventors which they have not realised themselves and writes excellent applications.” Jonna Sahlin is also noted for her ”excellent skills in drafting and prosecution”. According to a client, biotech and chemistry specialist Jaana Hämäläinen is ”a pleasure to work with and she knows her field very well”. Anu Keinänen and Christian Westerholm are also notable European patent attorneys in the firm while Pamela Lönnqvist is one of its experienced lawyers for disputes and IP-related agreements. Simo Zitting and Tomi Salter are rising stars to watch.

Trade Mark & Copyright Editorial 2018, Finland

Boco IP is one of the long-established, trusted IP firms in Finland for IP registration and portfolio management work. Peter Åkerlund is in charge of its trade mark department. Elina Heikkilä and Laura Roselius support Åkerlund on trade mark and design instructions. The team is also experienced in advising clients on enforcement and licensing.

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