With a trademark, you are able to distinguish yourself from your competitors and by registering it, you can ensure that the control of the brand stays in your own hands. With the registration, you will gain a sole right to use the mark as well as a right to prohibit others from using or registering similar marks. This way, others will not be able to take advantage of the reputation of your brand nor your marketing investments.

What is a trademark?

Intellectual property is an integral part of every company’s business. Intellectual property includes not only the legal rights that the business owns, such as patents, trademarks and registered designs, but also trade secrets. High-quality rights ensure that your innovations remain in your own hands and that the best economic benefits are reaped. In some cases, it makes the most sense to keep innovation a trade secret, but most of the time a business benefits the most from explicit protection via patents, trademarks and/or registered designs.

Intellectual Property

As multiple rights accumulate, it is important to understand how these rights are managed. As a result of comprehensive filing strategy, there may be a surprising number of rights-related deadlines to keep track of. However, our customers don’t need to worry – if we’re responsible for handling your IP, we will automatically remind you of important deadlines in good time. We also offer separate services and tools for managing a larger IP portfolio, allowing you to effectively monitor the development of your IP.

Portfolio Management

Established in 1928, Boco IP is an award-winning, internationally-operating intellectual property firm, offering confidential, personal and flexible
service for more than 90 years. We work across all areas of IP protection: patents, trademarks and designs.

We offer our customers comprehensive services in which IP is an integral part of the company’s strategy and business. We stand out as a strong brand in the IP industry.

Our goal is to support our customers’ businesses by maximizing the value of their intellectual property rights.


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