We know how to protect know-how™ We know how to protect know-how™



A quality patent ensures strong protection. A patent is a denial of the right to use the invention limited to a given area and period of time. A patent serves to protect the invention.

Service steps

Presentation of your idea

Boco IP drafts the application

Boco IP files the application to the Patent Office

The Patent Office examines the application

Patent granted

Patenting service covers everything necessary for filing a patent application in Finland or abroad, including the official procedures of the authorities and processes continuing through to the granting of the patent. Expert groundwork in the drafting of the initial application ensures that all significant matters in terms of business activities will fall under the protection of the patent.

Patenting service

  • includes an initial application drafted with expertise by a patent attorney – prior to this, we also recommend a preliminary examination of patentability.
  • covers all Finnish and international applications and patent office procedures.
  • provides expert communication with the authorities to assure that protection is provided in the desired marketing areas − the laws, processes and deadlines all become our responsibility.
  • improves the quality of the entire patenting process due to the technical expertise of our experts.
  • provides the customer with access to the whole of our vast international network and our local expertise.
  • supports and advances the customer’s business activities through patenting.

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