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The employer is entitled to receive rights in full or partially to an invention made by an employee, who is under employment or service contract. For the employer to consider whether to acquire the rights to an employee invention, the employee must notify the employer in writing without delay on an invention made under employment contract. The time limit of four months for the employer to inform the employee about its intentions on the rights to an employee invention starts from receipt of the written notification.

If the employer decides to enforce its right to an employee invention, the employee has correspondingly a right to reasonable compensation for his/her invention. The employer and employee should agree on the amount of reasonable compensation especially considering the value of the invention, the scope of the rights transferred to the employer, the employment contract of the employee as well as the conditions of the employment for making the invention.

The employer and employee may agree widely on the procedure concerning employment inventions. Practices can be agreed on in advance for example in the employment contract. An employee invention code can also be a potential option to guide the evaluation of employee inventions on a company or organizational basis. We help you to create an employee invention code complying with the law on employee inventions as well as a rewarding system encouraging innovation activity.

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