What is it like to work at Boco IP?

Have you ever thought what its like to work at Boco IP? Anastasiia, Boco IP’s new Trainee Patent Attorney, gives a glimpse into her daily work. 

1) Welcome onboard Anastasiia: how has the few weeks been like? What were your expectations and how were those met? 

The first few weeks flew by very fast. In short – I couldn’t expect a better start! At all times I have felt very welcome and I got involved into company’s routines right away. I was also impressed by the amount of tutoring I got from the very first day. Although the training was supposed to be the biggest part of my work at start, I didn’t expect so much of attention since of course my colleagues are extremely busy with their work. So in many ways reality was even better than the expectations I had before starting. 

2) What have you enjoyed the most? 

The working atmosphere is definitely the most enjoyable part. It’s quite common to feel out of place when starting new job, but it didn’t happen at Boco IP at all. Even despite the fact that most work is arranged remotely, Boco IP manages to maintain warm and friendly relationships. And, of course, the job itself is very inspiring and motivating! Although there is a lot to learn, learning can be done on the fly while doing some actual useful work which is of course much more interesting than just studying by taking courses and reading. 

3) Have you been able to focus on cases already? 

Yes, this is another part that happened very fast! At the moment, I am working on one case writing a patent application and I have already got involved in other aspects of patent attorney work, like replying to office actions from the EPO or doing novelty searches. I appreciate the strong support from my tutors Thomas and Michael – obviously it would take much longer time to learn and complete things without them answering my questions and providing feedback. 

 4) Do you want to share any info about how you relax / how you spend your free time? 

Working at Boco IP allows a very nice work-life balance, so I manage to keep up with my regular ways of spending free time. I enjoy various sports every day – from yoga and gym to tennis and biking, especially during this warm season. Before the pandemic, I used to travel several times a year, but these days exploration is slightly limited to the Helsinki area. However, it feels good to discover new places here which I wouldn’t do if travelling was still an option! 

Here is Anastasiia’s contact details, do not hesitate to contact her: Read more about Anastasiia.

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Anastasiia Kravtcova