Karri Leskinen appointed member of the board of AIPPI Finland

Boco IP’s Managing Director, European Patent Attorney Karri Leskinen was appointed member of the board of AIPPI Finland as of 1st January 2019 for a two-year period.

“I’m honored to be appointed member of the board of AIPPI Finland. The development of IP legislation and practices has always been important to me. I have actively participated over 10 years in AIPPI activities and worked in the patent field for over 20 years. Now I have the opportunity to work with colleagues I greatly appreciate on these subjects. I hope, as well, that in my new task I can contribute to co-operation in the Finnish IPR industry,” says Karri.

AIPPI, the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle), is the world’s leading international organization dedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property. AIPPI is a politically neutral, non-profit organization, based in Switzerland. The organization has over 9000 members in more than 125 countries.

Committee work aiming to international harmonization is one of AIPPI’s core functions: international as well as national laws and procedures are discussed. In addition to acting as a member of the board of AIPPI Finland Karri is also a member of AIPPI’s international Standing Committee discussing co-operation with IP offices in communications practices and procedures.

The global AIPPI congress organized annually gathers hundreds of IP professionals to deal with questions related to international harmonization and making resolutions on them. National groups, such as AIPPI Finland, lay the ground for the decisions and recommendations of the organization. They report on current issues, of which the summaries are discussed and accepted in AIPPI meetings.

Boco IP is a respected actor in the patent field known for its versatile expertise. We want our professionals to be involved in the development of the entire industry. It has always been a part of

Boco IP’s operations to actively participate in the development and co-operation of the patent industry internationally as well as domestically.

Read also our IP Lawyer Pamela Lönnqvist’s blog post on the highlights of the AIPPI world congress 2018.

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