WTR 1000 rankings for year 2021 have been published: Boco IP is also this year recommended as a leading firm for protecting trademarks

WTR 1000 rankings for year 2021 have been published: Boco IP is also this year recommended as a leading firm for protecting trademarks. Professionals Peter Åkerlund, Laura Roselius, Elina Heikkilä and Pamela Lönnqvist are specifically mentioned in the research report.

World Trademark Review (WTR 1000) rankings for 2021 have just been published and there is a lot to celebrate as Boco IP is again ranked as one of the leading trademark firms in Finland.

Boco IP’s trademark practice and IP Lawyers are recognized in the 2021 ranking with the following words:

“Collaborating with Boco IP is always smooth and efficient; you feel fully supported. They are involved every step of the way, from planning strategies to staying on top of potential deadlines. They communicate in a relaxed and friendly manner, while also remaining completely professional. They are a go-to for trademark matters in Europe.”

“A top-notch line-up consists of Peter Åkerlund, Laura Roselius, Elina Heikkilä and Pamela Lönnqvist. The troop takes its cue from Åkerlund, who designs and executes astute blueprints to ensure that brands enjoy long-term health. Roselius likewise watches over portfolios with a vigilant eye and devises fool-proof plans to take down counterfeiters. Heikkilä’s strong suit is securing marks across a multitude of jurisdictions, courtesy of her finely honed knowledge of European laws and procedures. When things get heated, Lönnqvist steps up to the plate, showcasing terrific advocacy skills in the process.”

“Together, they are reliable, responsive and always find both pragmatic and tactical solutions to complex scenarios. They really care about their clients and that is one of the many reasons the group is enjoyable to work with.”

The results confirm Boco IP’s position as a high quality expert in the trademark field.

World Trademark Review WTR is an independent publication in the Intellectual Property field that researches and ranks leading trademark professionals in over 80 jurisdictions.

Boco IP’s IP trademark professionals can be reached at the following addresses:

Peter Åkerlund
IP Lawyer, Partner, ETMA
LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/pakerlund

Elina Heikkilä
IP Lawyer, Partner, ETMA
+358 6866 8415
LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/heikkila-elina

Pamela Lönnqvist
IP Lawyer, ETMA
+358 9 6866 8421
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pamela-lonnqvist/

Laura Roselius
IP Lawyer, Partner, ETMA
+358 407384475
LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/lauraroselius

Jerry Härkönen
IP Advisor, IP-Lawyer
+358 40 538 7223

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