Petri Nieminen

Consulting Director, Partner
Boco IP - Petri Nieminen profiilikuva

How can I help you! My job at Boco includes managing our consulting and training services. In my role as an expert, I do strategy consulting as an accredited Design IP Strategy expert, I also do market and competitor surveys, as well as training and workshop events. My special expertise is in valuing patents. I have previous work experience in consulting and management at Accenture and BEA Systems (now part of Oracle). In addition, as an entrepreneur and owner, I was involved in creating a new kind of commercialization service at Iprbox Oy, the business of which was acquired by Boco in 2008. Employed by Boco IP since then!

ICT field in general, product development, sales and marketing
Finnish, English, Swedish, German
Accenture Alumni, BEA Systems Alumni, spending free time outdoors together with family