We are happy to welcome Nina Virolainen to join our Chemistry and Biotechnology team

We are happy to share the news that Nina Virolainen has joined our Chemistry and Biotechnology team

Nina Virolainen has joined our Chemistry and Biotechnology team as a Patent Agent. Nina has a PhD in biotechnology, and before joining us she worked at another Finnish IPR office. Her own patent protected inventions inspired Nina to pursue a career in IPR.

Before her patent attorney career, Nina developed and deployed bio- and environmental engineering solutions, processes and projects. Nina’s strongest expertise is in IPR protection for biotechnology, bioenergy and cleantech applications, processes and solutions. Her technology expertise also extends to diagnostics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, immunochemistry, and process chemistry.

Nina also helps our clients with employee’s inventions, freedom to operate searches and novelty assessments. Nina works with our clients in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, energy, natural sciences, health, technology, natural resources, pharmaceutical and renewable energy with strong proficiency.


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