Boco IP ranked a Leading Trademark Prosecution firm in Leaders League  

We are delighted to announce that Boco IP has been ranked a Leading firm in trademark prosecution in Leaders League.
Boco IP Leading Trademark Prosecution firm

We are honored and very pleased to announce that for the first time ever, our firm is appraised as a Leading firm in Leaders League for trademark prosecution in Finland. Five of our experts: IP Lawyers Elina Heikkilä, Jerry Härkönen, Pamela Lönnqvist, Laura Roselius and Peter Åkerlund were listed in the ranking. 

Boco IP was also ranked a leading firm in patent prosecution. Here is the link to both rankings:

Leaders League puts together rankings and market research

Leaders League specializes in putting together rankings and market research, used by a wide range of corporations and executives when making their decisions. 

Their rankings cover the entire business chain and serve as an up-to-date and essential guide for navigating international markets. 

 Please do not hesitate to contact Boco IP’s trademark professionals with the following contact details: 

Elina Heikkilä 
IP Lawyer, Partner 
+358 9 6866 8415 

Jerry Härkönen 
IP Advisor, IP Lawyer 
+358 9 6866 8433 

Pamela Lönnqvist 
IP Lawyer 
+358 9 6866 8421 

Laura Roselius 
IP Lawyer, Partner 
+358 9 6866 8456 

Peter Åkerlund 
IP Lawyer, Partner 
+358 9 6866 8413 

Boco IP ranked to the top (Leading firm) in Leaders League

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