It doesn’t matter whether you have previous knowledge on intellectual property rights (IPR) – it is sufficient that you know your business. Let IPR be our concern. Contact us and book an appointment for a cup of coffee and IPR advice. Let’s see together, how we can help you. The meeting is free of charge.

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Startups’ top 5 questions on IP

  1. How should I choose the name for my product or service? Can I protect my brand?
    1. Building a strong brand needs planning and an IP expert can help you by making sure you choose a name, for which protection can be obtained. At the beginning, it might be tempting to choose a name, which more or less directly describes the new product or service. Unfortunately, such choices often backfire in the long run, when registering a trademark proves to be challenging.
  2. Is my technology worth protecting? How do I know that my invention is new?
    1. Sounds like conducting a technology search or filing a patent application is relevant for you. If you are wondering about these questions, it is time to contact us. Leaving your invention unprotected could be compared to leaving your front door unlocked. The decision does not necessarily lead to problems right away, but it increases the risks significantly. In the same way as a thief can simply walk in through an unlocked door, your competitors can take advantage of your unprotected intellectual property.
  3. What are your competitors doing? How can I make sure I don’t violate others’ rights?
    1. Besides knowing the different types of IPR and protecting your own rights, you should also be aware of what your competitors have protected. Otherwise you might unintentionally violate their IPR. By analyzing your freedom to operate already at an early stage, you secure your business by preventing unintentional infringement and patent disputes.
  4. How do I build an IP portfolio that is credible to investors and helps me ensure financing?
    1. IPR are the most valuable assets for many companies. Your business may reach far without IPR, but leaving your inventions, designs and brands unprotected exposes them to copying. IPR are legal rights that allow you to prohibit others from using your brand, design or invention commercially. IPR secure your company’s growth and have a positive impact on the its financial value. A broad IPR portfolio may increase the price in acquisitions or make it easier to obtain funding.
  5. When should I contact a IP expert and when should I protect?
    1. It is important not to delay taking care of your IP matters to ensure that protection can be obtained. For example, an invention or design loses its novelty, if it is published before filing a patent application or design application. Also marketing efforts invested in a brand may be lost, if registering a trademark proves to be difficult later on. It is never too early to contact us. Tell us about your situation and we can decide together if it is a suitable time for a meeting.

The innovation voucher creates an opportunity to support IP services

Did you know that Business Finland (former Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) finances SMEs’ development projects targeting growth and internationalization? The innovation voucher is worth 5000 € + vat 24 %, and the voucher can be used in its entity to finance services offered by Boco IP.

Read more about the innovation voucher at Business Finland’s site and find out, if it would be suitable for your company.


Boco IP closely cooperates with the startup community Innovation House Finland. Hence, we are familiar with the challenges of a startup. You can find us on a regular basis in Otaniemi, Espoo at Innovation House Finland’s facilities. Contact us, and let’s see together, how we can help your company.

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