Utility models


A utility model gives an exclusive right to commercially exploit a technical, industrially applicable invention.

Service steps


Meeting, presenting the idea

Drafting application

Filing application to the Patent Office

Utility model granted

A utility model can be granted for an article, product or a technical device that can be used to solve a technical problem. The invention protected by the utility model must be novel and it must differ from the products that are already known. The differences need not be as significant as for a regular patent application. Thus, a utility model is a tool to get quick protection for an invention that may not be patentable, but in turn the utility model is kept in force for a shorter time than a regular patent.

The maximum term of a utility model in Finland is 10 years, if renewed. The renewals have to be done four and eight years after the utility model application was filed by payment of a renewal fee to the Finnish Patent Office.

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