Protection strategy for trademarks


When the available resources in protecting a mark are used correctly, the risks relating to the use or registration of marks is reduced. Furthermore, comprehensive protection for the mark is achieved, and the obtained rights are properly monitored and defended. Our proactive trademark protection strategy takes these needs into account and further, states, who has responsibility for the execution of the strategy.

The basis of our trademark protection strategy service is the client’s marketing and sales strategy. Based on that, we define the most essential marks as well as the relevance of different marks to the business. Further, we investigate, what kind of research needs to be done before the use and registration of marks can proceed.

Our service also defines the scope and territories in which the mark is protected and how the obtained rights are monitored. Further, we examine, which kind of trademark infringement or trademark applications concerning similar marks need to be responded to and how. Prevention of counterfeiting can also be a part of the protection strategy. As a result, the client gets a strategy document to be utilized in the business.

After finalizing the strategy document, we help to train the client’s personnel and implement the strategy. Further, we recommend rechecking the strategy document on a yearly basis. In a meeting we can assess, if the strategy is working and has been fulfilled. Further, we develop and update the strategy when needed.

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