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Our monitoring services detects applications for identical and similar trademarks.

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Many trademark registration authorities do not prevent other parties from registering trademarks, which could be similar to your own trademark. Therefore, third parties are able to register, either by chance or on purpose, identical marks concerning the exactly same products and services as your own protected mark.

Such later registered similar marks can cause confusion on the scope of the rights of your mark and dilute the protection offered by the mark. If the situation is allowed to continue for a sufficiently

long time, it is practically impossible to have registrations of similar marks revoked. This leads to uncertainty in the market on the protection offered by your trademark. By monitoring trademark registers we are able to detect applications concerning similar marks and prevent the registration of such marks. The registration can be prevented by contacting the counterpart or by filing oppositions with the relevant registration authorities.

Before starting the monitoring process, the products and services as well as the countries to be monitored are defined. Typically, the scope of the monitoring is determined by the protection offered by your own mark and by considering the trademark classes and countries in which the mark is protected.

The two-step monitoring process begins with a search by a computer-based monitoring system for finding similar trademark applications. The system reports all new similar applications found on a daily basis. The next step is for out trademark experts to go through all applications found and evaluate if there is reason to interfere with them. We report all relevant findings to our client along with our recommendations on how to similar trademark applications can be opposed.

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