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Intellectual property forms a significant part of a company’s value and has, in many studies, been considered as explicit proof of competitiveness. The size and quality of a company’s IP portfolio also tends to define the influence that a company in the market. IP is mainly regulated by local law, which brings an additional layer of complexity. It is therefore essential for a company to have a designated person that is in charge IP matters: an IP Manager.

In general, an IP manager is responsible for the development and realization of a company’s IP strategy as well as management of a company’s IP portfolio. An IP manager further is responsible for commercialization and licensing of a company’s intellectual property as well as development of methods and procedures related to IP matters. In addition, an IP manager also represents the company in IP matters and promotes innovation within the company.

It is our aim to be the best partner for IP managers. We will help the IP Manager to survey the market and investigate the activities of competitors as projects or on an ongoing basis. We also help with questions regarding commercialization or licensing and provide assistance with drafting of contracts and help with contract negotiations.

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