Innovation Capability Analysis (IMP3ROVE®)


How can a company recognize and utilize its unique know-how in business? How do inventions developed in R&D become successful products, which bring a competitive advantage? How good are other companies at managing their own innovation processes?

Service steps


Preparing starting material


Improve assessment

Reporting and benchmarking

Action plan

As part of this service, we analyze the strategy, organization, culture and processes of the company with regard to creating and utilizing innovations. The outcome of the service is a report on the strengths of the client’s innovation management as well as a suggested action plan to improve the detected deficiencies.

The service is based on the IMP³rove® tool created by the European Commission. This tool offers a real-time environment for the analysis as well as the reporting of the results. As a part of the analysis the client receives its own benchmark result, which can be easily compared to other leading European SMEs’ corresponding results: strengths and weaknesses.

Boco IP has been part of the IMP³rove® program as an accredited consultant from its proof-of-concept phase.

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