Copyright applies to software, literate works, musical works, artistic works, photographical works, dramaturgical works, movies and maps, amongst other things. The requirement for copyright protection is that a work can be considered an independent and original result of the creative effort of its author. The protection does not apply to ideas, plots, plot constructions, information, principles or methods occurring therein.

Copyright arises always for the author of the work, a physical person, who may then transfer the rights to other parties. Copyright does not require any registration measures.

It is especially relevant to the protection of copyrights to define and clearly understand who owns the copyrights and in what scope, as well as which rights of use have been granted. Defining targets, contract consultation and contract negotiations are therefore an important part of ensuring protection. Copyright for software often includes requirements and restrictions relating to open source license agreements.

In our copyright consultation, we get to know the ownership situation of the copyright and map the needs of the client concerning the ownership and freedom of use. Further, our consultation includes drafting agreements relating to the situation and targets, as well as assisting in contract negotiations.

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