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Availability Search before registering and using a mark to avoid risk of infringing marks or business names previously protected by others.

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At worst, the risks involved in the trademark registration procedure include being prevented from protecting your own mark. The use of marks involves risks as well – you may need to amend your mark and in some countries prior rights may prevent its use.

To minimize the risks, we recommend that a trademark availability search is carried out before beginning to use a mark. The purpose of the search is to find the previously protected similar marks or business names associated with similar products or services. We recommend conducting the searches also before entering a new market with the mark, or before protecting it in them.

Our search covers the products, services and countries for the intended use of a mark. In the search, we also assess if the mark is distinctive, i.e. that it does not describe the characteristics of products or services to be protected, and includes a recommendation for further actions.

Our search provide valuable information regarding the risks related to the registration and use of a mark. The search helps to avoid choosing a mark with significant risks regarding its use or registration. The information provided by the search is particularly valuable when determining the product and service range as well as the form of the trademark to be registered.

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