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Annuities and renewal surveillance

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Annuities and renewal surveillance are necessary for maintaining obtained intellectual property rights and protection.

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Annuities for patents and patent applications

Official annuities i.e. renewal fees must be paid for patent applications and granted patents to keep the application or patent in force. Annuities are handled separately with the relevant patent authority in each country, in which the patent application is pending or the patent is granted. A patent is mainly valid for 20 years from the filing date provided that the annuities have been timely paid.

The due date for the first annuity depends on the country. In most of the countries the due date for the first annuity is 1-3 years from the filing date of the application (e.g. Finland, EPO), as in other countries the annuities are not due until the patent is granted (e.g. USA).

Our cooperation partner for patent and utility model annuities is CPA Global (former Patrafee Ab).

Renewal fees for utility models

A renewal fee must be paid for Finnish utility models after grant. The renewal fee is paid twice for four years and after that for two more years. The due date is based on the filing date of the utility model application and the total term of a utility model is 10 years at the most.

Renewal surveillance for trademarks and design registrations

Trademark registrations need to be mainly renewed every ten years and design registrations every five years to keep the registrations in force.

We monitor on behalf of our clients the renewal dates for trademark and design registrations and take care of the renewal measures.

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