Searches support Sanoma’s business activities

Sanoma would like to make it to the top in digital advertising. By using a technology search, method development of digital services can be handled efficiently and without unnecessary additional expense.

”The people at Boco use all of their know-how and experience to help us,” says Vesa Lindqvist from Sanoma Media Finland.

According to Group Patent Manager Vesa Lindqvist, Sanoma would like to handle patent matters systematically and in a manner that is sensible in terms of business activities. According to the code of practise, the initial step in all significant research and development projects is to make a technology search, which tells what kind of latitude the new method would have in the field of patents.

Sanoma is greatly involved in developing solutions for digital advertising and, particularly, in targeting electronic messages towards the correct businesses and persons. Their goal is to be the very best on the Finnish market at doing this. The working environment is quite demanding, and development work is intense. Also active in the field are global powers, such as Google and Facebook. It is especially important for us to assure that Sanoma’s plan does not infringe on anyone else’s patents.

A search clarifies alternatives

”Plans for business activities are decided on the basis of a technology search. We can adapt a development project in a suitable direction or buy the necessary technology from someone else or then we can abandon the project,” explains Vesa Lindqvist.

Lindqvist is satisfied with the technology searches made by Boco IP and with the smooth cooperation. Due to this partner, Sanoma can handle patent matters with a relatively small organization. ”The personnel at Boco is exceptionally expert and experienced, and we understand each other very well. The help we receive is much more extensive than the actual assignment.”


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