Peikko remains up-to-date on the activities of their competitors

A developer and manufacturer of connection technology for concrete structures, the Peikko Group needs accurate information regarding the patents of its competitors from around the world. A freedom to operate analysis helps Peikko to strengthen its position on an ever-more-demanding playing field.

”Boco always delivers what it promises, and reaction is exceptionally fast,” says Tuomas Nieminen from the Peikko Group.

Specializing in connection technology for concrete structures, the Peikko Group has operations in more than 30 countries around the world. Solid expertise in patents is vital for the company, and defence of intellectual property rights becomes emphasized as the business expands. In recent years, Peikko has grown fast and conquered new marketing areas.

”The interest of our competitors is intense and firms have learned to use patents as a means of competition. If we didn’t know the market field so exceptionally well, it would only be a matter of time before coincidence led us to infringe on someone else’s rights,” says the Group’s IPR Manager Tuomas Nieminen.

Peikko commissions freedom to operate analyses on a regular basis, wherein patent databases are screened for new information relating to given product groups and competitors and how this information relates to Peikko’s products. More detailed examinations are requested if needed.

”By doing this, we can target the resources of the business on the correct operations, i.e. production and sales, and time is not lost resolving conflicts,” Nieminen says.

Proactive and smooth service

Peikko has used Boco IP’s services widely since 2010. According to Tuomas Nieminen, the experts at Boco extend great effort to gain a thorough familiarity with the business activities of the customer – which can be seen from the results. The resolution of a matter is often moving forwards almost before anyone has had the time to request it.

”We receive absolute business-class service, refined and personal. I myself have tried to tell as much as possible about Peikko and open up our strategy, because it makes cooperation easier.”


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