Patenting is the cornerstone of Revenio’s success

Revenio Group is a Finnish corporation that produces and markets progressive health technology in a very competed global market. Their Icare products developed for measuring intraocular pressure are protected by patents and trademarks.  The Icare tonometer is the core of their business. Changes in intraocular pressure can be followed with this device, which supports screening, prevention and care of glaucoma.

“The cooperation with Boco IP has been running well. It is important to have an experienced professional onboard”, says Revenio’s R&D Director Ari Kukkonen.

Revenio Group is a Finnish health technology corporation with the Icare tonometer being the core of their business. With help of this device, changes in intraocular pressure can be followed, which supports screening, prevention and care of glaucoma.

Revenio has protected its intraocular pressure measuring technology in various ways. Seven basic inventions related to the Icare product family are patented, and from case to case they cover several countries. Boco has handled the patenting, design rights and trademarks related to the Icare technology since 2006.

“Patenting has been the foundation for growing our business safely. Additional key factors are of course the product itself, its reliability and functional sales channels”, says Revenio’s R&D Director Ari Kukkonen.

The listed company Revenio has grown very profitably. In 2016 the corporation’s turnover was 23,4 million euros with a profit of 30,1 %. The manufacturing takes mainly place in Finland, and the main markets are Europe, North America and Asia.

The first letter in the name “Icare” refers to eye, but the registration of the name has been challenging, since the name is widely used in various industries. Also, Apple has protected broadly product names starting with “I”.

”Trademarks have been important to the creditability of the brand. All new products have been protected. First we have analyzed, if the name is available, and after that it has been registered. Boco has taken care of the trademarks very actively and has good tools for this.”

Ari Kukkonen emphasizes the significance of a patent agency’s competent experts. There is IP software available, but an experienced patent attorney understanding the legal aspects is needed for drafting the application, and for taking care of the patenting process.

”With Boco, everything has worked fine and all matters have progressed well. Sometimes it has been necessary to amend the claims of a patent application after an official action, but most applications have been granted quickly.”

Significant conditions to public health can be identified already at an early stage by means of screening. Revenio’s growth expectations are based on the need of screening technology therefore. Patenting is of great value to their future business.

”Every new R & D project involves innovations. We are constantly looking for opportunities to protect them with patents. The cooperation with Boco is the best and most efficient way to handle this”, says Kukkonen.


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