Outotec develops new technologies for its portfolio

As a developer of minerals and metals processing technologies, Outotec is constantly adding to its portfolio of patents. This global corporation also patents many inventions that have been done in Finland.

”We have worked in close cooperation with Boco, and we greatly value their special expertise in technical matters,” says Marja Lahonen from Outotec.

Over the decades, Outotec has developed a large number of new technologies, especially in the processing of metals and minerals, thus intellectual property rights are an essential part of the company’s business activities. With operations in nearly 30 countries worldwide, the patent portfolio of the company contains, applications included, approx. 7000−8000 patents.

According to Head of IPR Management Marja Lahonen, Outotec would like to increase their number of patents. The number of patents applied for every year is monitored, and the number has increased. In the year 2013, the company delivered to the patent offices 101 new applications. Outotec uses several patent agencies worldwide.

Patenting can also process an invention

Lahonen places great value on the work of the Finnish Patent Attorneys, and hopes that the development of this high quality will continue in spite of the changes currently taking place in the field. A Finnish patent agency is an important partner for Outotec, as many inventions are still being made in Finland – wherein the entire patent process from the initial application onwards begins here.

”Even though our team of inventors may include many nationalities, it is good that, if needed, Boco can go through all the finest details of patent matters with a Finnish inventor in Finnish. We can be advised in our native language and, additionally, a high-quality English text is created,” Marja Lahonen states.

”Boco’s technical expertise in pyrometallurgy is also valuable to us. A good patent attorney will be additionally able to help the inventor to move forward in developing his idea during the patent application process, wherein several patent applications may be created instead of just one.”

Years of well-established cooperation have created a sense of work camaraderie between the patent division at Outotec, the inventors and Boco. It’s only a short trip by car from Ruoholahti to Matinkylä and vice versa. Additionally, modern information technology opens up meetings via video with any one of Outotec’s offices. Marja Lahonen expresses appreciation, saying: ”I place great value on close cooperation, it’s easy for us to contact and discuss”.


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