Brands are Atria’s capital

Well-protected brands strengthen the Atria brand and Atria’s brand capital.

Boco IP is Atria’s long-term partner in trademark services. According to the praise of Atria Finland’s Sanna Päällysaho, ”Bocos model of operation is  clear, and the progress of matters is in all respects both easy and fast”.

For the meat processor Atria, trademark management is an important part of their business activities. In Finland, Atria has dozens of protected brands, granting that not all are actively in use. In addition to this, the Group has protected a large number of its brands throughout the EU area.

”Brand capital is especially significant to us, thus monitoring and protection of trademarks is even more important. The corporate line regarding trademark matters is becoming stricter all the time,” says Atria Finland’s Brand Director Sanna Päällysaho.

A preliminary examination saves on costs

Trademark protection is a significant part of the work, when Atria Finland is planning the visual look and identity of a new product or service. The patent agency will often become involved already in the development stage, especially in the case of a new brand. For example, Kokkaamo is a protected service concept used by Atria to contact consumers widely on the Internet and in social media.

”We make a great deal of preliminary examinations, and we investigate even the smallest details. The world is quite small, and quick reactions can come even from quite far away. A large company cannot take the risk of having to relinquish a brand it has been building for many years, because its brand infringes on someone else’s trademark protection,” Sanna Päällysaho says.

”Our cooperation with Boco has gone very well. It is safe to have a professional partner with the capability to look at matters on a world-wide scale.”


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