An innovation voucher is granted by Business Finland (former Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). An innovation voucher is worth 5000 € + VAT 24 %, and the voucher can be used in its entirety to finance services offered by Boco IP.

Please contact us! We will be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning the innovation voucher.

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How does the innovation voucher work?

  • Please contact us and we’ll help you find suitable services for you.
  • As soon as you have agreed with us on the acquired services, we will help you with drafting of an innovation voucher application to Business Finland. Business Finland generally grants the innovation voucher within a week.
  • After the innovation voucher has been granted we will provide you with the services and directly invoice Business Finland. Thereafter, you will only need to send a final report to Business Finland.


What are the requirements for a company to be granted an innovation voucher?

The innovation voucher targets SMEs’ and startups’ innovation activities. IP services, such as all matters related to patenting and trademark registration, may be covered by the innovation voucher.

To acquire an innovation voucher, your company needs to fulfill following terms. Your company:

  • needs to be registered in Finland (y-tunnus).
  • has the aim to grow and develop its business.
  • has not been granted an innovation voucher before.
  • has not been granted any other Business Finland (former Tekes) financing during the ongoing or previous year.
  • has possibilities to grow in the international market.
  • will use the innovation voucher to support innovation related development of its products and services.
  • Great! It seems that your company fulfills the conditions to apply for an innovation voucher.

How have our clients utilized the innovation voucher?

Novelty search and patent application for an invention with the innovation voucher

A sports company had invented a new product. Boco IP recognized the company’s need and due to our recommendation, they applied for an innovation voucher for a technology search and possible patenting of the invention.

In a meeting with the client we decided first to conduct a novelty search for the product. Since no obstacles were found, a patent application was filed in Finland. It is possible to extend the patenting process internationally within a year. Therefore, before expanding the patenting process geographically and involving further costs, the client will have the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s statement on the patentability of the invention.

The innovation voucher covered the costs related to the novelty search as well as drafting and filing of the patent application. This case proceeded fast, and the client’s patent application was filed with the patent office within a month from Tekes’ (now Business Finland) decision to grant the innovation voucher.

Technology search with the innovation voucher

An IT company contacted Boco IP, because they wanted to find out whether their invention was patentable.

We recommended them to apply for an innovation voucher, since it would be a perfect way to finance a patentability analysis. The client applied for an innovation voucher from Tekes (now Business Finland) utilizing their convenient online service.

In order to find out if the invention was patentable, we conducted a technology search – the innovation voucher covered all costs for the analysis. As a result, we found out that an alternative competing method already existed and therefore, filing a patent application would not be profitable. Due to the search, a better method for solving the same problem was found to be existing and, therefore, patenting the client’s method would not have be lucrative for their business, although the invention itself could have been novel and inventive. Since a patent would not have added value to the client, a patenting process would have led for them only to unnecessary costs, which were now avoided due to the high-quality preliminary analysis.

Registering an EU trademark with the innovation voucher

A startup wanted to protect its brand EU wide, possibly even geographically broader and, thus, they contacted Boco IP’s experts.

Tekes (now Business Finland) granted an innovation voucher for the internationalization project of the client, so that part of the voucher was to be used for trademark protection and part for communication services.

We considered at Boco IP, which protection strategy and services would be essential to the client’s brand. We mapped the conditions for registering the brand in the EU and in some other countries. Due to the search a trademark seemed to be registrable. Further, the client had a specific need to obtain an exclusive right for supporting their brand building, so we decided to apply for trademark protection in the EU. The registration process took four months and the brand was registered as a EU trademark. The innovation voucher covered in this case all costs related to the search and registration process of the trademark. Further, the client utilized the innovation voucher partly for communications consulting services from another service provider.

What services can you acquire from Boco IP with the innovation voucher?

With the value of the innovation voucher you can promote your invention further. All our following services may be obtained with the budget of the innovation voucher. Please also see the examples above, how our clients have utilized the innovation voucher for services provided by Boco IP.

Registering a trademark

Registration gives protection to your brand. A company’s brands, name and slogans are an important part of the company’s intellectual assets, and they can be protected by registering trademarks.

Drafting a patent application

A high-quality patent ensures strong protection. Patent protection is a geographically and timely limited right to prohibit others from using your invention commercially.

Freedom to operate search

A freedom to operate search (FTO) is a comprehensive analysis of the company’s latitude and its competitors’ patents in the field of intellectual property rights. By analyzing your freedom to operate, you secure your business by preventing unintentional infringement and patent disputes.

Other tailored service package

Please contact us and book an appointment (free of charge). We will tailor you a service package that suits your needs.


You can read more about the innovation voucher at Business Finland’s website (SMEs and startups). We would be glad to answer any questions you may have concerning the innovation voucher and to help you find the right services for you.

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