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Capital stock and walnut furniture

The patent agency is founded in the year 1928 under the name Borenius & Co. From the very beginning, the company has at its core expertise and internationality. The founder of the company Robert Borenius is studying engineering in Bingen and at the request of his German business acquaintances he establishes a patent agency in Finland.

The articles of incorporation are signed through the efforts of the Borenius family and friends of the family. On the paper is recorded a capital stock value of 35 000 Finnish marks and the company’s walnut furniture. Assets are listed down to the last curtain and carpet.

Robert Borenius is the Boco spirit of his own time: an innovative, highly productive and well networked person who desires to drive development forward. He is involved in the founding of one of the patent field’s most important organizations in Finland, the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys, which is founded in the same year. Also inspired by the future of communications, he is one of the founders of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

The 1930s and 1940s

The 1930s and 1940s

Pea soup and punch for the patent attorneys

During the first couple decades, Boco’s business activities are small in scale, mainly the translating of foreign customers’ patent applications into Finnish. The patent agency does not take on Finnish customers. Finland already has a Patent and Registration Office and patent legislation, but the general significance of the field is not great.

The patent agency is run from a home office. The monthly meetings of the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys are always held on a Thursday, as after the meeting Mrs. Märta Borenius serves everyone pea soup and punch. Humane focus and versatile expertise are to this day a part of the patent agency’s set of values. 

The 1950s

The 1950s

German is the number one language of technology

Germany remains one of the leading countries in technology and engineering science, and the patent agency has many German customers. After the Second World War, Boco receives all of the more than 300 “Volkseigener Betrieb”, i.e. the East German state-owned companies, as customers.

Business activities gradually expand from translating patent applications into Finnish to the handling of annuities, consultation on patent law and responding to official actions issued by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Language skills and translation are of great significance in the patent field. Today, we at Boco have a extensive set of language skills: Swedish, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. 

The 1960s and 1970s

The 1960s and 1970s

The Hjelt family joins the business

In 1966, Robert Borenius dies and his son Sture Borenius asks Ingmar Hjelt, known in the patent field as a translator with a diversity of expertise, to become the new figurehead of the company. Hjelt works for the Helsinki Telephone Association, but stops by in the evenings to handle the patent agency’s technical matters. For about ten years, the patent agency is run through the efforts of Hjelt and two clerks.

In the early 1970s, Graduate Engineer (M.Sc. Technology) Pia Hjelt works as a researcher for the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and also does translation work for Boco. In 1977, she comes to work in the patent agency to help out her father-in-law Ingmar Hjelt, whose health has begun to weaken. At the end of the decade, Sture Borenius decides to sell the patent agency, and in 1980, Pia Hjelt becomes the new owner of the business. Ownership by experts and an entrepreneurial spirit lead Boco forward.

The 1980s and 1990s

The 1980s and 1990s

Public relations activities bring new customers

The patent agency’s business activities gradually modernize. The first computer arrives in the office in 1981, and in the following years, copier machines finally replace the use of carbon paper.

Pia Hjelt’s husband Silvio Hjelt joins the agency in the early 1980s and through his business acquaintances he brings in many new customers. In addition to foreign patenting assignments, the agency takes on its first Finnish customers and activities expand into drawing up Finnish patent applications. Listening to the needs of the customer and a service-oriented attitude are still important today.Boco still retains these customer relationships that began in the 1980s.

Patent legislation becomes internationalized, and Finnish patent legislation is modified according to the European model. Pia Hjelt works closely with the legislative development work in numerous ministerial task forces. Boco representatives are also actively involved through other professional organizations and give lectures at numerous events. In cooperation with legal firms, patent litigation is handled successfully and the company’s influence grows.

In the 1990s, Boco representatives begin to regularly attend the international congresses of the field, leading to many significant new contacts and customer relationships. An active participation in the activities of international organizations also continues in the decades that follow. As the new millennium begins, the patent agency recruits many new patent and trademark attorneys.

The 2000s

The 2000s

Expansion and depth to services

The beginning of the 2000s is a period of fast growth and development. In 2005, the company’s ownership by experts takes on a new form when the attorneys become shareholders in the family-owned company. The following year, the President of the Republic of Finland grants Pia Hjelt the rare honorary title of Patent Counsellor. In 2007, Karri Leskinen becomes the new managing director, and Hjelt becomes the chairman of the board.

In 2008, a significant corporate purchase is agreed when Boco buys the business activities of Iprbox Oy. The number of services expands and the depth of Boco’s expertise increases. Intellectual property rights begin to be widely seen as a part of the business strategy: they support value, brand and competitiveness. In addition to Finnish and international patenting and trademark registration, the agency offers consultation, training and defence of protection in court.

The 2010s

The 2010s

The view widens, the reputation grows

In the 2010s, Boco’s reputation and recognition continue to grow. A culture of trust and mutual respect proves fruitful and the agency receives recognition for the dedication of its professionals and its excellent work environment. Boco’s strategic objective is to be Finland’s most esteemed IPR expert in the Great Place to Work Finland survey (2009-2015) . In 2012, Boco rises to top of the international MIP listing of leading patent firms, which indicates worldwide reputation.

In 2013, the official name of the company becomes Boco IP. The name is modern, but carries with it all of the company’s values, long history and dedication to the IP field. And the story of the patent agency continues. Boco’s corporate culture is to be humane, reliable and customer-oriented and to possess versatile expertise.

As Patent Counsellor Pia Hjelt retires, experienced European Patent Attorney Annika Hakkila becomes the chairman of the board. The company’s ownership base grows in 2014, when several of Boco IP’s attorneys become partners.

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