Trademark registration in two weeks – it’s possible in Finland!

The Finnish IPO has seriously hit on the speed pedal when it comes to examination of a trademark application: registration can be obtained as fast as a couple of weeks from filing.

Bearing in mind that the application is examined on both absolute and relative grounds, the time frame is extremely short.

Post-grant opposition period in Finland is two months from the publication of registration. However, the number of oppositions is rather low, likely due to the high-quality examination on absolute and relative grounds.

Therefore, if Finland is a market of interest and you need a strong trademark registration, protecting your mark on national level in Finland is well worth considering.

Not that interested in Finland? Please consider, however: a strong Finnish trademark registration might be of interest e.g. for a startup seeking investors, as well as for an international corporation with a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in Finland. A Finnish trademark registration is a solid basis for a Madrid Protocol trademark application which for a period of five years is dependent on the basic registration.

The record-breaking pace of examination of new applications also allows an interesting choice for protection strategy, especially for companies that wish to acquire basic protection for their brand as cost efficiently as possible. Since the return time for preliminary similarity searches – that we usually encourage the clients to undertake prior to filing – does not significantly differ from the examination time of new applications anymore, it is worth considering to skip the similarity check completely and just directly submit the application to the Finnish office for examination. A couple of weeks later, you might very well already hold a fresh Certificate of Registration for your trademark.

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