Communications Manager Milja Saarimaa responsible for Boco IP’s startup co-operation

The co-operation between Boco IP and startup community Innovation House Finland has been running successfully for over a year. Communications Manager Milja Saarimaa will be Boco IP’s contact person for startups as from May. Milja’s target is to get to know startup activities, open up discussions on the importance of IPR and help startups with protecting their intellectual assets timely. You can meet Milja at Innovation House Finland in Espoo once a week.

Why are IPR matters important for startups?

IPR (intellectual property rights) ensure that your company’s investments in innovations and brands do not pour out to your competitor’s advantage. Only by protecting your intellectual property you can obtain an exclusive right to it. We help companies getting started with the basics and terminology related to IPR. For example, for protecting inventions usually you need a patent, product names are, on the other hand, protected by registered trademarks.

Timing and planning ahead play a key role in IPR matters: it is never too early to contact me in this regard. For example, you have to file for protection of a new technology before publishing the invention, otherwise, you might ruin your chances for a patent. Before investing in the protection of your invention, I recommend in any case to find out first, if your invention is new or if perhaps a corresponding solution already exists. Patent data bases form an excellent tool for this. A patent attorney can help your company in finding answers to all patent related questions.

Choosing a name for your brand is a tricky question especially if you look at it from the perspective of protection. A name directly describing the service or product in question may seem alluring from a brand and marketing point of view, but it may turn out to be challenging to protect, since a describing name can form an obstacle for obtaining the trademark registration. An experienced trademark attorney can advise your company to choose a suitable mark and help protecting it.

IPR might feel like a desert for a startup and it might be tempting to bury your head in the sand, but I cannot recommend this approach at all. Even if your company does not seek IP protection for its own brands and products, you must secure your company’s freedom to operate. You have to be aware what your competitors have protected, in order not to infringe others’ IP rights unintentionally, and, for example, end up in an unwanted patent dispute. But don’t worry – let your IPR be our concern.

Who am I and what do I do?

I’m Milja Saarimaa, Communications Manager at Boco IP. I am in charge of Boco IP’s communications and marketing, including web pages, newsletter and social media. Although my main tasks are communication activities, I have been in the IPR industry for over ten years, so patents and trademarks are not alien to me. Previously, I have also been handling clients’ patent assignments, and have, therefore through my long experience in IPR, a holistic view on the subject. I believe, that we can together find the best solutions and right experts for your startup’s needs.

As a person I am enthusiastic, positive and energetic. I’m passionate about self-development and seek constantly to improve my skills: working with startups offers the perfect opportunity for this. Outside of work, my family occupies most of my time. Reading, running and yoga are dear hobbies to me – you will most likely meet me at Innovation House’s yoga class on Wednesdays.

How can I help you?

As the contact person for startups I assist new companies with IPR questions. There are no stupid questions. It doesn’t matter whether you have previous knowledge on intellectual property rights – it is sufficient that you know your business. It is important to me that no startup leaves their unique know-how unprotected in lack of knowledge. I also want to find new, even unexpected co-operation possibilities.

Come see me at Innovation House Finland in Espoo, call me or send me an email. Let’s also network on LinkedIn.

I also recommend to check out our startup page, which answers to a new company’s needs, for example to the top 5 IP questions from startups.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Contact me: / +358968668436

Written by Milja Saarimaa


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