Boco IP is green

Our guiding principle is to be there to support our customers, whose technologies and services have the ability to improve the well-being of both humans and the environment, thus participating in building a sustainable society. We act according to these same principles ourselves.

The target of our environmental program is to reduce the use of natural resources by developing the ecological efficiency of the office. In a typical patent agency, the consumption of paper and electricity causes the most significant environmental impact. We are committed to reducing this impact and, for example, the consumption of paper has decreased yearly as we step by step turn into an electronic office.

Further, we encourage our personnel to use public transportation by offering an employer-subsidized commuter ticket. Our travel rules advise always favor the most environmentally friendly option. For reducing electricity consumption, the lights in our office automatically switch off in the evening. We take environmental issues into account in all our actions, even in small choices, such as recycling all waste.

Boco IP takes responsibility

Besides the environment, Boco IP is concerned with social responsibility in a broader perspective. We engage in organizational activity to influence and develop IP practices and legislation as well as the competitiveness and conditions for internationalization of Finnish companies. Such organizations and associations, where we act actively, are the Association of Finnish Patent Attorneys, AIPPI (The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), FICPI (International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys) and Keksintösäätiö (supporting invention activity in Finland). We have also participated in work groups of the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment for the development of IP legislation.

As pro bono work, we have handled the trademark matters of Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) 2011-2013. We are glad to have had the opportunity to offer our know-how for international peacemaking purposes in this way. We donate yearly to charity causes – the charity donation of the year is suggested and voted on by our personnel at the end of each year. Our chosen charity have included, for example, Save the Children, Red Cross, WWF Finland and Doctors without Borders.


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