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Changes to Official Fees for Patent and Trademark Services as of 1 May 2017

The official fees for certain services of Finnish Patent and Registration Office have changed at the beginning of May. The new official fees include both fee increases and reductions to certain services. Below the changes in the fees for patent and trademark services are explained more in detail.

The new official fees do not alter the pricing of our services.

Changes to patent fees

The patent application fees have risen from 350 € to 400 € from 1 May onwards. However, you may now include up to 15 patent claims in your application without any additional fee. Previously the number of claims was ten.

The annuity fee for years 1 to 3 remains unchanged. The fees for years 6 to 13 rise, while the fees for years 4 and 5 fall. The fees for years 14 to 20 remain unchanged.

Application fees and publication fees (old fee in brackets)

Application fee
e-application 400 € (350 €)
additional fee for each claim in excess of fifteen 50 € (40 €)

Publication fee
online application 400 € (350 €)

Changes to trademark fees

The filing fee for a trademark application in Finland was raised slightly but the fee for the renewal of a registration was reduced. Now the official fees for filing and renewal are the same in Finland. The aforesaid is in conformity with the pricing structure of the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO.

Fees valid from 1 May 2017 (old fee in brackets)

Trademark application
e-application 225 € (215 €)
class fee for each class beyond the first 100 € (80 €)

Renewal of registration
online renewal 225 € (275 €)
class fee for each class beyond the first 100 € (125 €)
filing an opposition against a registration 275 € (215 €)

For further information, please visit the official site of Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

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